Payable 2

Web Site Design and Hosting Services

Times are tough.  Businesses have limited budgets to pay for advertising, general business expenses and still give back to the community.  Payable 2 was started to help businesses bridge these gaps...


We started Payable 2 to make money... Go figure.  But it's not like that.  We were starting up a Non-Profit called New Journey's in Nashville.  This Non-Profit (Yeah, we have our 503(c)3 and everything) was put together to do the following:


1) Help Widows

2) Help Abuse Victims in our area and

3) Help Stop Human Trafficking...


So, a portion of all our profits goes to New Journeys and helps pay for programs to meet those purposes.


When you hire us to design your web site you are also giving back to your community to help these people.


By the way, we keep working on your site, until you are happy with it.  This only works if our customers like what we do.

By the way... we are less expensive than, well, everyone!